Fine Homebuilding: Why Attention To Detail Matters.

When you’re planning to build a high end home, don’t rush into a relationship with a custom home builder. Your project could take as much as a year from the start to completion and the builder you choose can make that year easy or difficult.

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A Builder Who Listens Doesn’t Forget The Small Details.

Perhaps the most important asset a detail oriented builder possesses is the ability to listen to the expectations and needs of their client. Frequent communication throughout the project minimizes confusion and clarifies small details that can make a custom home build so unique and charming. There are so many details when it comes to custom home construction and sometimes those details can be overwhelming. An organized builder has a process in place to walk you through the project so that it’s fun and easy!

Relationships With Quality Subcontractors Keeps Projects On Time & Budget.

Choose a builder that has relationships with expert tradesmen. Each subcontractor is the expert in his particular field and when it comes to the small details, you want an outspoken authority that provides informed recommendations on options for your project. At Herr & Company, we pride ourselves on the relationships we have fostered with expert craftsmen and tradesmen in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and the surrounding areas.

Herr & Company Keeps Projects Organized.

At Herr & Company, we believe a well run project is an organized project. There are fewer mistakes in a well organized project and the details aren’t neglected. With frequent communication there is a natural checks in balance in place that keeps all members of the project informed. Attention to detail means asking questions and staying informed. After more than 40 years, Herr & Company’s process keeps all aspects of the project organized.

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