kitchen remodel
kitchen remodel

Improve Functionality And Style With A Professional Kitchen Remodel.

Taking your kitchen to a higher level of functionality and style means more than a little elbow grease. Working with a professional contractor affords you the distinct advantage of getting the job done with experts on every aspect of the job. Herr & Co. has a long-standing record of providing effective contractor services, contract administration and management of cost, time, quality and safety. We deliver a quality kitchen remodel with the least amount of interruption to your life as possible. Check out our gallery for samples of our kitchen remodel work.

Expert Contract Administration & Coordination Means A Timely And Efficient Process For You.

Since 1988, Herr & Co. has provided expert contract administration that includes managing permits, inspections, subcontractors, ordering, and scope of work. Integrity and fairness drive our commitment to managing and meeting your expectations for your kitchen remodel. We deliver added value to your project using sustainable construction practices and long-lasting products that reduce energy costs while improving efficiency and functionality. Our experience with kitchen remodels shows in the details. The same set of materials in different hands yield different results, so we apply experience, expertise, and vision to your kitchen remodel to maximize satisfaction throughout the process and upon completion.

Safety And Clear Communication Are Foundational To Our Kitchen Remodel Process.

Because a kitchen remodel typically means the kitchen cannot be used for a period of time, a reasonable timeline for the scope of work is even more critical to have up front. Part of our estimate is a detailed timeline with potential contingencies outlined. We meet on-site with you weekly or more frequently when needed to maintain open lines of communication that ensure your safety and the timely progression of your kitchen remodel.