deck construction company, Harrisonburg

Extend Your Living Space Outdoors With A Custom Deck Addition.

Get outside and enjoy the scenery! Expand your home’s living space by adding on a custom deck or deck system. Herr & Co. apply years of experience to planning and installing the ideal outdoor living space that creates a flow from your home to your yard. With custom features like pergolas, outdoor kitchens, terraces, and awnings, your space can be designed to fit your exact needs and lifestyle.

Herr & Co. Creates Beautiful Transitions From Home And Landscape With Stylish And Functional Decks.

Your vision informs a well-designed construction plan that we bring to life. We handle every aspect of the deck addition including securing permits, scheduling inspections, resolving any grading or foundation issues to ensure long-term optimal functioning of your deck, guiding you in selecting materials and features, and project managing any subcontractors required to complete the work. Check out our gallery for samples of decks and deck systems.

Low-Maintenance And Stylish Deck Options Enhance Your Outdoor Experience.

The purpose, location, and intended functions of your deck determine the ideal size, placement of features, and code requirements. Low-maintenance materials increase the time you get to spend enjoying your deck. The same materials in different hands yield different results, and we strive for solidly built, well-constructed decks that inspire your outdoor living experiences. We consider the interactions of the landscaping, such as shade trees and views, in helping you find the right features to enhance the space. Herr & Co. exceeds all code requirements in construction to gain higher efficacy of your materials.

Quality Construction With Durable Materials Provide Lasting Enjoyment.

An aspect of our commitment to sustainable construction practices is in choosing durable materials that can withstand the wear and tear of use as well as the environmental stresses of changing seasons and weather conditions. We apply our extensive years of experience to helping you find the ideal materials for your deck system that can extend the life of your investment and provide enjoyment for years to come.