Sustainable Construction Practices Deliver A Better Value In Your Build.

You can find just about any building process or product that claims “green” status. We at Herr & Co. have always considered the good stewardship of our resources as part of our commitment to construction that lasts. We believe that responsible building practices consider the impact to the environment and the cost to operate your home. From the start of our work in the Shenandoah Valley in 1988, we have been careful to weigh costs, needs, and available solutions to the long-term value of sustainable construction.

Our Building History Lends Expertise To Choosing The Right Products For The Right Price.

The cost of sustainability is often measured in more than just dollars and cents. Over the years, we have found that the desirable and ideal solution for the build is typically one that will provide cost savings in the long run. Our process starts with a thorough evaluation of the build site and the construction plan. We may find, for example, that grading the land to preserve an existing shade tree as it matures would supply the home with energy cost savings as well as an enhanced landscape to enjoy for years to come. We are experts in passive solar construction, which maximizes the value in your home. Check out our gallery for image inspiration.

Quality Is In The Coordination.

When Herr & Co. serves as your lead contractor, we manage quality from the ground up. We emphasize coordination with subcontractors to organize and perform the jobs necessary to maximize the integrity of your build. We work with you and the subcontractors to select long-lasting products and innovative pieces that are able to hold their utility and value. We proudly offer ENERGY STAR® certified construction and appliances to our clients.

Attention To Detail Leaves A Lasting And Sustainable Mark.

Beyond the sustainable construction practices we regularly employ, we also consider the added value of product warranties. Our attention to detail and experience with both residential and commercial builds leaves a lasting mark. Because we know that the same materials in different hands merit different results, we have a long-term eye to value and we build to last.