We Take Pride In A Well-Organized Construction Process To Keep Your Project on Track For Deadlines, Cost, and Safety.

We include the following steps in each project:

  • Contact Us

    Call us for a conversation to get started: 540-820-4149

  • Meet and Greet

    We come to you to discuss your project, which informs the scope of work and level of costs and quality, as well as establishes a price range. We look at how you use your space and determine who to involve – architects, drafters, or sketch artists. We are full service contractors from the beginning to help associate costs with design and features.

  • Estimate

    We provide a thorough estimate that includes a division sheet to help determine the cost of a project. We help negotiate these costs and then a percentage of the project goes to us to manage it. Our estimates include:

    • soft costs: the permits
    • site work: excavation demolition, water, landscaping, deal with suitable soils and unsuitable soils
    • concrete foundations
    • masonry, brick, block, stone, chimney, fireplaces
    • steel, structural, ornamental, supplemental eye beams
    • wood, frame and finishes, decks and porches
    • thermal and moisture: roofing, insulation, waterproofing, foundation water proofing, siding, design, features and product options to fit clients’ interests and style
    • doors and windows
    • finishes: drywall, paint, flooring
    • hardware & bath accessories
    • equipment: appliances, generators
    • kitchens and case work, book shelves
    • special construction: metal buildings, swimming pool, water tanks
    • conveying: elevators, dumbwaiters
    • plumbing and HVAC
    • electrical
    • overhead & project management
  • Project Notebook

    We create a notebook for you that includes all the relevant aspects of your job. We use the notebook to manage work, timeline, and costs.

  • Co-Construct Setup

    Herr & Company includes access to your entire project online using Co-Construct project management software. View your project at a glance, stay up to date with timeline and keep communication open throughout the process.

  • Timeline

    We offer a realistic timetable that is influenced by contingencies like weather, hours of sunlight, and holidays.

  • Change Orders

    We have a process for owner-initiated change orders.

  • Production

    We coordinate all work to be accomplished to complete your project.

  • Walk-Through Inspections

    We coordinate all state and local inspections as well as perform a structured final walk-through inspection with you.

We Are Partners In The Process.

We provide a copy of the scope of work and the division estimate spreadsheet to you. The estimation process is highly detailed, and we consider the details to eliminate contingencies. Our experience and thoroughness deliver a smooth and professional experience. We take you through the details during our weekly on-site meetings so that you know where we are in the project and the budget. We value your opinion and how much you are involved is your decision.

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