We Are Partners In The Process.

Our experience and thoroughness offer a smooth and professional experience for each client. We have a routine approach to each project, which allows us to keep thing on-track and on-budget. Let’s take a look!

  • Plans

    Involving Herr & Co. during the design phase of your project can help streamline the construction process and meet your budget.

    • Herr & Co. can work closely with you to develop a comprehensive set of drawings for your project, both for accurate estimating and to submit for a building permit.
    • If you do not already have plans, we will advise you.
    • We will recommend design options, set-up interviews, and participate in meetings to provide our expertise.
  • Estimating

    Herr & Co. strives to make our estimating procedures completely transparent.

    • We use project management software to provide you with a detailed estimate and scope of work.
    • As part of the estimating process, we will give you a decision list with a timeline for when selections will need to be finalized in order to keep your project on schedule.
    • After a comprehensive estimate has been generated, we will review it with you and fully explain the value added to your project by using Herr & Co. as your general contractor.
  • Contract and Start-Up

    The final step before pressing “go” with your project is signing a contract with Herr & Co.

    • After your review and approval of the project estimate and scope of work, we will draft a contract.
    • We discuss cost-plus or fixed-price options with you to determine the best type of contract for your situation.
    • Once the contract is signed, we will schedule a start date for your project.
  • Schedule for Project Completion

    Once we have determined a start date for your project, we will create a construction schedule.

    • The project manager will refer to this schedule to ensure your project is completed on time.
  • Communication

    Herr & Co. is dedicated to keeping clear communication with every client.

    • A Herr & Co. superintendent will be the first point of contact on your project and will work closely with the subcontractors. This employee will also self-perform work throughout the project to minimize overhead.
    • Project managers will work with you to schedule weekly or bi-weekly site meetings to discuss the progress of your project as well as give you a look ahead.
    • Once a month, your project manager will review a report with you that shows actual job cost versus your budget and estimate.
    • Herr & Co.’s goal is to never initiate change orders that would increase the cost of your project. If a change to the original scope of work must be made at any point, we will generate a change order form for you to review and sign.
  • Payment

    Our billing procedures make it easy.

    • Invoices are sent on the first of each month, with payment due in 10 days.
    • We can work with your bank on a draw schedule or other payment terms.

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