Small Footprint Home Builder, Harrisonburg

Minimize, downsize, and de-clutter to find the time, money, and energy to live your life.

Downsizing is a building trend just taking hold in the United States. More people in both rural and urban areas are taking stock of their lives and moving to simpler, less “stuff” oriented goals. As more Americans seek increased time, money, and energy to enjoy their lives, smaller homes are becoming more common. Herr & Co. specializes in small-footprint construction where you don’t have to sacrifice quality. In fact, you often have more upgradeable options when you are being intentional with each and every choice due to the necessity of fully utilizing your space.

Small-Footprint Construction Starts With Intelligent Design For A Lifestyle.

We get to know you and how you use different features of your home. Do you cook most meals or rarely use the kitchen? How do you like to entertain or relax in your space? How much of your time is spent indoors or outdoors? The answers to questions like these give us a clear idea of how your small-footprint build needs to function to maximize your enjoyment. Intelligent design includes sustainable construction practices that perform and save you money in heating and cooling, and appliance use.

Our Experience With Small-Footprint Construction Maximizes The Value In Your Build.

Herr & Co. is a local industry leader in small-footprint construction. Your vision for living with less doesn’t have to mean a sacrifice in quality or functionality. We apply our extensive knowledge of building and sustainable practices to maximize the utility, style, and affordability of your small-footprint construction. We are experts at both off-grid and grid-tied builds. Visit our gallery for aerial and in-home pictures of our latest small-footprint builds.