Bring Your Vision To Life With Trusted, Skilled, And Reputable Custom Home Construction.

Your contractor is the key project manager for your custom home construction. Expertise and precision are mandatory skills for a successful build, but so is the capacity to coordinate all the subcontractors required for each aspect of construction. Herr & Co. value the relationships that we’ve built since 1988, and take pride in the long-term relationships we develop with our clients. We apply our extensive knowledge of building to your needs, vision, and budget at every stage of our process. The relationship is in the build.

For A Smooth Build, Herr & Co. Maintains Open Lines Of Communication And Highly Coordinated Project Management.

Fairness and integrity are at the heart of each custom home construction with Herr & Co. A big part of who we are comes down to the two values we strive to embody in every decision we make and effort we coordinate. When you have an expert managing the details, your build is smoother and yields greater results. A strong owner-builder relationship is key to getting the job done to your specifications. We take the time to get to know you and meet with you on-site weekly to keep you informed throughout the construction process.

Our Deep Expertise In Building Translates To Added Value In The Build.

Your options for custom home construction are virtually limitless. Making informed decisions from the start helps to narrow your focus to exactly what you want and need. We provide thorough estimates to start the process off with the maximum value in mind. Your budget drives the options and features we quote. Whether you’re downsizing your family home or building an estate home in the Shenandoah Valley, our experience and attention to detail give us the edge to get your job done well. Visit our gallery to see a sample of our custom home construction.

Greater Long-Term Value & Successful Inspections With Current State Building Codes.

At Herr & Co., we stay on top of building code changes to maximize the value in your construction project. We participate in monthly code conversations in the area to stay current so that your project benefits from up-to-date building science, which supports healthy and successful inspections. We start with construction code as a suggested minimum to ensure functionality. All our builds are built above required construction code for consistency in our work. We employ sustainable construction practices to build long-term efficiency into your custom home.