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What Are The First Steps To Restore Your Property?

Choosing a contractor from the restoration companies in our area can be challenging. To simplify the process, Herr & Company recommends you choose the contractor whose work ethic and attitude work well with your own. Restoring a property can be a lengthy process so the relationship between contractor and property owner needs to be solid and mutual. At Herr & Company, we choose our clients as much as they choose us. Our process ensures we work closely together through the entire project.

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Should I Restore, Renovate, or Remodel My Home?

The first step in making the decision to restore, renovate, or remodel your home is to fully understand these terms mean. At Herr & Company, we believe in sharing our knowledge with our clients. Here is how we define restoration, renovation and remodeling: To restore your home is to return it to the same time period, level of quality, and features it possessed when it was first built.

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Home Remodeling Harrisonburg

Modern building codes and technological innovations combine in a powerful way to improve your home’s air quality for healthy indoor living spaces. New air filters and HVAC system enhancements provide cleaner air for healthier inhabitants. Home remodeling gives you the chance to turn your beloved home into a more stylish, healthier, and functional space for your family, while enjoying the lasting benefits of staying in a location you already know and love. Herr & Co. specializes in bringing to life your home remodel vision for healthier indoor living.

Sustainable Harrisonburg Construction

Enjoy your new construction for years to come with sustainable construction practices such as passive solar and ENERGY STAR® craftsmanship and appliances. Herr & Co. has been employing sustainable building practices since 1988. We add value to your new construction with greater efficiency embedded in the building plan.