Are You Looking For Local Custom Dental Office Construction To Calm Patients & Energize Staff?


  • Expertise, Precision and Craftsmanship – Herr & Co. has the deep knowledge of building principles and precise attention to fine details that custom dental office construction demands.
  • Built Above Code Requirements – We Prefer to build above construction code requirements. Herr & Co. takes building codes seriously and we pay close attention to changing state and local building codes for your dental office.
  • Sustainable Building Practices – Providing you with smart economic and energy-efficient construction solutions saves you money for the long-term and protects our natural resources.
  • Transparent Communication – A strong owner-builder relationship is key to getting the job done to your specifications. We keep you up to speed with weekly on-site walkthroughs and know the ins and outs of dental office layout, needs and expectations.
  • Decades of Experience In Dental Office Construction – We’re a family-owned business that has been proudly serving clients all over the Valley since 1988.

Dental Office Construction With Experience

Herr & Co. provides expert dental office construction, renovations, and additions in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Our knowledgeable licensed team builds beautiful, functional spaces to calm patients and energize staff. From design consultations with our partners to product selections from our favorite wholesalers, we guide the process so you can feel confident in your investment. Coordinated and organized building is what we specialize in and what we do best.

Smart Building Practices Since 1988.

We’re all about bringing technology and sustainable practices into every project we build. With two generations of Class A contractors on our team, we bring experience and innovation to commercial construction, residential custom home builds, and remodels. We specialize in passive solar and small-footprint construction which can be applied to dental offices or residences. A time tested process and experienced specialties makes us a smart choice for business owners in Virginia.

While You Build A Brand, Let Us Build Your Office.

Starting a medical practice is an exciting opportunity to introduce your clients to high-quality services from a brand new location or upgraded space. While you focus on building an image, we’ll handle the details of construction. We coordinate the design and manage the subcontractors to ensure a streamlined build with minimal complications. We help you choose the fixtures and finishes that elevate your space from basic to beautiful. By partnering with local architecture and interior design firms, we’ve got the systems in place to get you the office you want.

Commercial Construction Delivered On Time & Budget.

We bid each job as accurately as possible and provide itemized estimates to ensure you have detailed information prior to starting the project. Transparent communication keeps you informed and comfortable throughout the process. Frequent communication helps define your needs and expectations. We value your investment and make every effort to keep our bids consistent with your budget. Contact a member of our team to learn more.

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