Are You Looking For Local Valley Custom Church Construction?


  • Expertise, Precision and Craftsmanship – Herr & Co. has the deep knowledge of building principles and precise attention to fine details that custom church construction demands.
  • Built Above Code Requirements – We Prefer to build above construction code requirements. Herr & Co. takes building codes seriously and we pay close attention to changing state and local building codes for your church being mindful of ADA requirements and making your church as accessible as possible.
  • Sustainable Building Practices – Providing you with smart economic and energy-efficient construction solutions saves you money for the long-term and protects our natural resources.
  • Transparent Communication – A strong owner-builder relationship is key to getting the job done to your specifications. We keep you up to speed with weekly on-site walkthroughs and know the ins and outs of church construction.
  • Decades of Experience In Dental Office Construction – We’re a family-owned business that has been proudly serving clients all over the Valley since 1988.

Experienced Church Construction Built To Last.

Herr & Co. provides licensed contracting for church construction, additions, and renovations in the Shenandoah Valley. Whether you need your space to meet ADA guidelines or just increase accessibility for your congregation, our experienced team works with the board of your church from the initial design through construction. A detailed process and scheduled timeline keeps your build on track and regular performance updates keep you informed throughout the project.

Streamlined Communication Simplifies The Process.

Herr & Co. values the investment our clients make. We honor those investments with frequent and effective communication throughout the process to keep you informed on all aspects of your project. From itemized estimates to a detailed project notebook organized through our project management software, our builds are collaborative so each member of your board is involved throughout the process. Our design consultation, product selection, and coordinated timelines streamline your project to elevate your expectations.

We Implement Sustainable Practices Into Every Build.

Sustainable building practices are ideal for churches because they maximize your investment and pay off over time. For those reasons and because we believe protecting our natural resources is the right thing to do, we infuse each design and build with innovative sustainable practices. From passive solar to Energy Star Certified™ construction, our green practices maximize the value of your build so you can depend on your investment for years. We believe in educating our clients and providing the information they need to understand the green principles and sustainability practices we implement. Contact a member of our team to learn more!

You Can Expect More Working With Herr & Co.

Herr & Co. has been building and remodeling homes and commercial properties since 1988. Attention to detail, construction built to code, and fluid communication distinguishes us in our industry. Coordinating with your church board and congregation is one of our specialties and beautiful projects built to last is an expectation you can have when you work with Herr & Co. Contact a member of our team to learn more.

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